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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 1: All about Chelsey!

So this is me, Chelsey. I am a 28 year old wife to Travis and momma to Keyser. My 2 boys are my reason for breathing, my motivation, and my biggest accomplishments. I would not be anywhere near the place I am today without my husband, and my son is my dream come true. Okay, enough with the mushy stuff :)

I am also a nursing student and a full-time hotel employee. I love people, sometimes, which makes my job a fun one. I am not actually into the nursing program yet, but I am a nursing major and apply in April, so cross your fingers for me that I get good news in June! I need this to happen...I am so done with school!

If you couldnt tell, I am a busy lady. I wish I didnt have to work, but we gotta do what we gotta do, right? I like to relax by watching way too much TV and trying to beat my husband in Jeopardy. I sometimes win...rarely :)

15 interesting facts:

1. I was named after a movie character...Jane Fonda's character in "On Golden Pond." Keyser was also named after a movie character...Kevin Spacey's character in "The Usual Suspects." We like tradition :)

2. My husband and I have the same birthday. Crazy huh?

3. I played soccer from age 5 to age 18. I literally played year round, outside in the fall, spring and summer, and indoors in the winter. I also swam and ran track in high school. Funny thing is, I never remember being busy?

4. I love to craft things, but never have the time. I have always wanted to have a little booth at a craft fair, with hairbows and bow holders, even if I dont have a little girl to put them in! Maybe one day my sister and I can do sounds like a lot of fun!

5. I have never broken a bone.

6. With that being said, I was on crutches every soccer season in high school. I eventually had to have both of my ankles reconstructed.

7. Adding on to that, one of my biggest fears is twisting my ankle off a curb. I always cringe when I step off one because I know how weak my ankles are.

8. Spring is my favorite season. I cannot wait to plant flowers.

9. When I was little, I wanted to be a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. And a mommy. One out of two aint bad ;)

10. I originally started school to be a pediatric dentist...then a doctor....then a teacher....and now a nurse. Indecisive much?! I have finally found my calling though!

11. My husband's ex girlfriend dated my ex boyfriend. Oddly enough it is the thing that brought us together. No, not in the scorn lovers sort of way, but in the hey, thats a coincidence kind of way! :)

12. I soooo thought Keyser was going to be a girl. So did my husband. We were both kind of disappointed to find out it was a boy, but we so wouldnt have it any other way now. Love, Love, LOVE our boy!

13. Adding on to that, I think I would live life a bit disappointed if I was never able to give my husband his "Daddy's girl". Hopefully it happens next time and we are done!

14. I still miss my angel babies. Still don't know whats wrong with my body, but so glad we didnt have to find out and we have our miracle Keyser. (If you didnt know, most insurances make you go through THREE miscarriages before paying for testing. I am so lucky to have a great team of doctors who took a chance that actually worked!)

15. I have lost nearly 24 lbs in 8 weeks. This is without eating bread or sugars. No, its not a diet, its a way of life, and I am so happy I have made this change. I want to grow old!

Well, I have said enough for today...tomorrow is First Love...I bet you all are excited :) lol
Note: Its not my husband...but hes my last! :)


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