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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Its been a while...

I am back in the saddle. Not the TTC saddle just yet (We aren't trying again until January), but the life saddle. Its amazing what some exercise can do for your overall well being! I have been walking about 5 days a week, about 2 miles a day, and I can feel myself looking and feeling so much better! No depression about my babies anymore, I am hopeful for the future, and my shorts that fit me tightly about a month ago are big enough to slide to my hips!!! Yay! I have not weigh myself because I don't really want to....I kinda want to do it in September when I can look down at the scale and see a huge drop in weight, oh and also the fact that I don't own one ;)

On my babies sidenote...I got this little bear from a help group called "Empty Arms" when I got my D&C in the hospital. The group doesn't want parents going home without something to hold... :( Well, I tell you what. I have not slept one night without that little bear since! Its crazy how much comfort a stuffed bear will bring to you. The plan is to sleep with this little bear until my baby is born and then it will have enough of my scent on it to comfort the baby....well, it better because thats still about a year away. I hope the little bear makes it that long though...I already busted off one of the strings that form his "toe" and I am pretty sure the eye is next ;) Its okay, I cannot wait to tell my baby the story of how much the bear kept mommy safe and happy, and I hope it will keep them safe and happy too.

They group also sent a little card in the bag that said we can donate in memory of our baby. We have already done this in honor of baby one and baby two...the loves of our lives, so far :)

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