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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Three years down, forever to go...

I promised my husband I wouldn't get too mushy with this. But seeing as he is the love of my life, I won't make any promises. Instead of writing a gushy, gag inducing love letter to him in honor of our anniversary, I thought I would make a top 20 reasons (if I can cap it at that!) of why I love him so much. Here goes nothing!

My love, I love you so much because (in sort of random order):

1. You love me unconditionally; sweats, no makeup, hair a mess, and all. You actually like me better that way, and I love you even more for that.

2. You are an amazing father. You light up when Keyser comes in the room. I love watching your face when this happens.

3. You tell me I am a great mom. In your words, "The best mommy ever." You have no idea how much this means to me.

4. You kill the spiders for me. And *rarely* try to fake throw them at me :)

5. You sat in the hospital waiting room for me recently, with a fussy butt baby, and let me have my last moments with my grandma. We spent over 10 hours there and you never made so much of a peep to want to leave. You were so awesome that day, I will appreciate it forever.

6. You make the sweetest homemade presents, songs, dances, etc. I love when a special event comes up because I never know what to expect. You are adorable!

7. You take care of all the money because I am horrible at it. 'Nuf said.

8. You inspire me to be the, life, with us.

9. Even though I really don't like your wrestling DVD hobby, I love that you are so passionate about something fun for you. I wish I could have a hobby I loved to do! (Shopping doesn't count :)

10. You are a neat freak and I secretly love it! Without your influence around I might just be a packrat, yet because of you, we have a pretty darn uncluttered home.

11. Speaking of our home, I actually get excited to clean the house "just for you" and have dinner ready, like some sort of 50's housewife, because it makes you a happy man. Just forget I said this when I am really tired, okay?

12. You have never been an emotional guy, and rarely let people know how much they mean to you, but you will stand up for the ones you love and defend them no matter what a jerk it makes you look like. I wish more people would realize that this is your way of saying "I love you."

13. You always put your dishes in the sink. Thanks love :)

14. Some days, when I am at work, I come home to new pictures and videos of Keyser that you took. Its so adorable to see you love him so much.

15. The other day, you were talking in your sleep, and I asked you what you were saying, and you said "Doing calculations." I adore my nerd...seriously!

16. The fact that you still give me butterflies EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.

17. Your eyes. Pool water blue. And your eyebrows. I wish I was so lucky to be blessed with them... you are so handsome (even though you will never admit it).

18. Your dedication to everything. Some call it perfectionism, but I see it as you not wanting to let yourself down. I wish Keyser is blessed to have at least half of the brains you have. We may have a future Einstein on our hands if he gets all of them! You are truly a genius...I hope you realize how smart I think you are.

19. How easy our relationship is. Its not work, it comes naturally for us. This is how I know we will last forever.

20. Your love. Its so deep. I ask you, self-consciously, how much you love me. I know the truth. You love me to the moon and back, and I still to this day will probably never know why. I love you too my love. Just as much as you do me. Promise.

You are an amazing husband. An amazing Dad. An amazing everything. We are so lucky to have you and I am so lucky to be the one lucky enough to be married to you. :)

(Okay, that was mushy...I just couldn't help it!)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

6 months! (Bad Mommy!)

Keyser boy is 6 months! Well, 6 months and 5 days, but thats mommy's fault for not updating has been busy and baby has been sick, boo!

Keyser continues to amaze us everyday. I know I feel like I say that all the time, but he really does! He has been turning into the most beautiful baby and the funniest one too! He makes us smile even when we feel like we can't. Hes just simply wonderful!

At 6 months Keyser can:

- Eat like a champ! He has tried (since 5 months) homemade peas, green beans, sweet potatoes, carrots, avocados, butternut squash, oatmeal, apples, and now bananas. He went from 2 meals a day to now three, with oatmeal as breakfast, a fruit at lunch, and veggie for dinner! What a big boy :) He still breastfeeds 6-8 times a day too!

- Still hates tummy time, but is now capable to do "Baby Pushups" and love to show mommy his muscles :)

- Looks more and more like Daddy everyday...I couldn't be more pleased :)

- Loves to stand and will attempt to pull himself up on the couch cushions! This surpised Travis and I the other day!

- He also loves to "walk". He gets so proud of himself when we hold his hands and let him explore!

- The doggies have become his best friends, and will watch them and laugh and laugh, especially Cash, one of our Black Labs. They really don't have much interest in him though :)

- My favorite: He will give me kisses!! I ask "Give mommy kisses" and he usually turns and gives me the sweetest open mouth kisses, like he is going to eat me :) He will on occasion give them to others, but I am usually the sole bearer of them :) Thats okay with mommy!

We love our little guy so much, he is truly our miracle!

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