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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New post on weight loss blog!

Check it out! I love supporters :)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

My advice: Don't blink...

Friday, April 16, 2010

30 Day Challenge...and hopefully longer!

I saw a challenge on a money matters blog about challenging yourself to not eat out for a whole month! With my husband FREAKING out about his student loans coming up and our need to eat in more often, I thought what the heck. 30 days isn't that terribly long and I have actually been meaning to drop fast food whenever Keyser is old enough to understand what a Happy Meal is, so why not try it out? It may even help me (us) lose a few L-B's.

So heres the Rules:
1. Menu plan for 2 weeks, enough meals to make it through our bi-monthly grocery trips.

2. Sprinkle in plenty of meals that I can easily make, because the worst culprit for me wanting to order pizza, etc. is that I am tired and lazy after work ;)

3. Special occasions are the only reason to eat out (i.e Mother's Day, our anniversary)

4. If someone brings us food (Travis' mom does bring him food sometimes while I'm at work...cough...spoiled...cough), then its all good. As long as we aren't paying for it!

We are hoping this saves some green when it comes to the monthly expenses. I will be tracking it to see how it goes and I will let you all know the results. This is going to be tough, but I think it will be pretty rewarding as well! Pray that we stick to it!

With that, I leave you with a big boy pic of my little man...He's sitting up all by himself now (tear)

BTW, I'm watermarking all my pics from now on. There are a lot of crazies out there who steal pics and call them their "own". Can't be too cautious!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I could use your help!

What are you favorite "healthy" snacks?

I am going grocery shopping in a couple of days and am looking for some new stuff I may not have tried or thought of before.

I usually get:
Nature Valley Granola Bars
String Cheese
sugar free jello

I am not too, too adventurous when it comes to stuff (note: I hate hummus! Crazy, I know!) but I am willing to try new things! Just nothing too crazy :)

Also, the cheaper the better...DH and I have a pretty strict budget!

Gosh, here I am being all bossy, but really I would love any suggestions! Thanks!!

Also, yesterday, I met a wonderful blog friend! In Louisville of all places! Never thought THAT would happen ;) We actually met on the bump, then followed the blogs, and then found each other on facebook! We had a great lunch and tried to do some shopping in Downtown Jeffersonville, IN but everything was pretty much closed! Oh well, we will have to hit the mall next time :) Anyway, Keyser and I had a great time with Shaylynn! Heres her blog: Shes a sweet person expecting her own bundle soon! And she has beat cancer! Thats pretty awesome :)

Well, I'll be checking back to see if you all have any yummy suggestions! Thanks!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter, Teeth, and the Zoo!

Its a hodge podge kind of post...I don't have lots of time, well, ever, so since I have a moment, I figured I would just throw it all into one...hope you don't mind :)

Well, first off, Happy Easter Everyone!! Hope you have a wonderful day with family or friends! I have to work tonight, but as soon as the husband wakes up, we will give Keyser his Easter basket. Travis doesn't want to "lie" to the kiddo, or so he says, so its all on mommy to make a big deal out of the Easter Bunny, while he sits back and watches :) I think there is no harm in being a kid, and therefore, Keyser will know all about Santa, the Bunny, the Tooth Fairy and the such!

Speaking of teeth...Keyser haz them. He cut his fist tooth, the bottom left one, and the right one is on its way soon, like real soon. I will tell you this, the night waking has virtually stopped. I am probably jinxing myself, but he went from waking 3-4 times, to last night only waking 1. I am a happy momma!

Finally, the zoo!! We had so much fun last Wednesday! The weather was a balmy 80 degrees in Louisville, KY and my sister and I packed up the kids for a day of sightseeing animals. The highlight of the day was when the gorilla came right up to the window to take a peak at my "monkey" :) He got soo close and was just staring at him!! Someone told me gorillas love babies and they were right! Keyser loved just taking everything in...hes a observer definitely. Just like Daddy :)

Heres the overload jumble of pics :)

First time on swing!


These are pictures of his pro pics because they never emailed them to me! I love them :) JCPenney has a pretty awesome portrait studio!

We'll just say he wasn't put in his crib this way. Hes a "wallower" like his mommy! BTW, thats Indiana speak for a wiggle worm :) I found that out when Travis called me one! LOL

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