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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Friday, June 18, 2010

Watch out world...Keyser's a-crawlin'

Well, I had a video, but its not working so I will get one on later...hopefully of all of his recent accomplishments :)

I am soo proud of my boog :) He is a crawling machine!

He started last Friday and oh my, what a difference a week makes! He is all over now, does the traditional crawl around the carpet and when he moves to the kitchen tile, he does a sort of side scoot...soo cute :)

He is also pulling up onto everything! And even cruises along the couch a little :)

Also...he waves bye bye! Its more of a 'look at the hand and wave bye bye to myself' sort of deal, but he gets it!

So many milestones so quickly...I am afraid to ask whats next! I am so proud its almost ridiculous!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Seven Months?!?!

These are from his 6 month pro pics. He took them with his cousins :) I will get more on Thursday...stay tuned :)

Where oh where does the time go? Right out the window (along with my newborn!) apparently :)

Keyser Boy is turning into a regular ol' little boy! Its crazy and making momma a bit weepy honestly :( He is no longer the little baby who wants to cuddle and looks into my eyes with amazement. He doesnt take any time to touch my face anymore...although he still LOVES to pull my hair :) He is also eating with lightning speed and no longer lingers for comfort...

Sigh...Well, with sad times come happy times, and let me tell you, we have some great happy times!!

At 7 months, Keyser Boy:

- wiggles out of our arms ALL.THE.TIME! He never wants to be held (unless he is eating) and he always is on the go.

- Doesnt yet crawl but he rocks back and forth and will move his legs forward but hasnt gotten the arms yet. He is pretty close and I say within the next few weeks he will "get it". In the mean time, he is soo frustrated!

- Eats like hes never seen food before! The other day he ate not one, but 2 big jars of fruit for lunch and then proceeded to eat a biter biscuit. Hes going to be eating me out of house and home when he becomes a teenager that I am sure of!!

- Doesnt yet "talk" but definitely copies momma when I make shrieking noises and will respond to his name, unless he is being stubborn like Daddy...which is a lot :)

- Gets bored super duper easily.

- Is a giggle box when we bite him. I am not talking about love bites...I mean hardcore nibbling on his chubby arms :)

- Is now in 12 months clothes...all of 2 months after he got into 9 month clothes. Sigh.

- Still breastfeeds 5-6 times a day and gets formula about 2 times a day. I dont plan on weaning until he is ready...I had a 3 month goal (smashed it :), a 6 month goal (smashed it :), a 9 month goal (in progress) and will probably go until 12 months. Formula is expensive! All of this with my low supply too...Goo me :) (sorry, tooting my own horn here :)

- Sleeps pretty much through the night, with 1 or 2 wakeups over a 11 hours time span. NEVER thought I would see the day!!

- Has six...yes SIX!, teeth! 2 on bottom, 4 up top!

- went to the pool first time on Saturday. Loved it! Momma didnt get any pics though, I was too excited he was loving it :)

- Still amazing in every.single.way :)

We love you "boog". Momma and Daddy are so freaking smitten with you :)

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