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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

3/4 of a year old!

Yep, thats right, Keyser Boy is 9 months old...well about 2 weeks ago :)

He is constantly coming up with new and funny things, and to say he keeps us on our toes is a big understatement! He has no fear and is literally a monster (in all definitions of the word) and he makes our lives a brighter and happier place to be in.

At 9 months, Keyser Boy:

~Crawls at a lightning pace, often making it across a room in about .001 seconds.

~Has made attempts at walking, even taking his First, Official, Non-Supported Steps on 08-04-10. He has gone on to make more attempts since then. We are so proud and so scared at the same time :)

~Has this funny thing he does, while walking along the chaise lounge, he sort of goes over to the dogs and then "super cruises" his way around to the other side, like he is running away. Then he laughs and laughs. Its ADORABLE!

~Keyser and his Daddy play a growling game and it can go on forever! Daddy growls, then Keyser, then daddy, then on and so forth. When I try to do it, he says "Da"...stinker!

~Is pretty much completely on finger/table food. Syonara baby food jars! I made his baby food up until we started meats, and then I went to jars for the last month. That stuff is expensive!! So happy that he now eats what we eat. Newest additions: Cheerios, graham crackers, pizza (bad mommy!), pick up raviolis, grapes cut in 1/4s, and shredded chicken. We will try cheeseburgers tonight!

~Will not say momma and laughs at me usually when I try. Still says "Dada", "Baba", and what I swear is "Dog". I will say "Say Dog" and he repeats something that sounds like it, and I am sure its what he is saying. Now if he would only appease me, I would be happy :)

~Speaking of speaking, Keyser has also "gotten" what we say to him. If I ask him "Where's Daddy" he will look at him, and same goes for me and the dogs. We are working on other things in the house now.

~Is a chunker at 22lbs 4 oz, and is 29 3/8 inches long. That's the 75% and 85% percentiles, respectively :)

~Also, we are starting to try and ditch the bottles, with at least one or two bottles replaced by sippies a day. Also, he is down to 3 nursing sessions a day: morning, after work, and before bed. Will wean by 12 months.

~And last but most definitely not least, he SLEEPS THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (yes, it needs that many exclamation points!) He was waking anywhere from 1-3 times a night still and I would nurse him back to bed because nothing else would calm him. Asked the Doc about this at his 9 month check up and she told me he was a "trained eater"...basically I have trained him to wake for food. Well, she told us to use a Cry It Out method, and even though I had in the past, I was always a wimp and gave in. Well, I stuck to my guns and did it all night the first night, even after 4 bouts of crying through the night, and wouldn't you know it, the very next night, DAY 2!, he slept through the night! So now, I have had 2 blissful weeks of at least 8 solid hours of sleep! I am still tired, but I think that's the story of my life :)

Well, that's all I will bore you with for now...My goal is a next post all about my plans for Keyser's First Birthday Party: A Dr. Seuss Theme!! I have so many plans and need to write them out!

Now on to the last month in picture form :)

Mmm, Cheese :)

Happy 4th of July!

9 months!

Momma and summer day!

Big Boy car seat

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