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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I could use your help!

What are you favorite "healthy" snacks?

I am going grocery shopping in a couple of days and am looking for some new stuff I may not have tried or thought of before.

I usually get:
Nature Valley Granola Bars
String Cheese
sugar free jello

I am not too, too adventurous when it comes to stuff (note: I hate hummus! Crazy, I know!) but I am willing to try new things! Just nothing too crazy :)

Also, the cheaper the better...DH and I have a pretty strict budget!

Gosh, here I am being all bossy, but really I would love any suggestions! Thanks!!

Also, yesterday, I met a wonderful blog friend! In Louisville of all places! Never thought THAT would happen ;) We actually met on the bump, then followed the blogs, and then found each other on facebook! We had a great lunch and tried to do some shopping in Downtown Jeffersonville, IN but everything was pretty much closed! Oh well, we will have to hit the mall next time :) Anyway, Keyser and I had a great time with Shaylynn! Heres her blog: Shes a sweet person expecting her own bundle soon! And she has beat cancer! Thats pretty awesome :)

Well, I'll be checking back to see if you all have any yummy suggestions! Thanks!!


Mrs. Grant said...

Awww thanks Chelsey! I am so glad we got to finally meet up! We will def have to get together often!

Kroger sells bags of almonds in produce section that are awesome! I think they are like $3 or $4 for a good size bag. They have tons of flavors and all are pretty low in fat/calories. My faves the cinnamon and hickory smoked!

Sugar Free Pudding


Triscuits and Cheese

Carrots soaked in lemon juice

Carrots with salsa

Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Onions in vinegar

Whole Gran Cereal

Whole Grain Toast, English Muffin or Bagel

Small Bag popcorn

I am blanking out now. But those are pretty much staples in the Grant Family! Good luck girl! I know you can do it!

Coffee Please!?! said...

the kids and i love munching on apples, oranges and any type of berries that are in season. we're in NJ so we're looking forward to strawberries coming into season at the end of next month. i also just purchased popcicle molds so that i can make jello pops for the kids instead of purchasing them. (should i have said "me" instead of "the kids"). :-)

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