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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Friday, April 22, 2011

You must have been a beautiful baby...

This picture takes my breath away. What an amazingly handsome little man we created. We are so lucky!

Special thanks to Halo Photography for capturing my little guy's picture so beautifully each time we use her! She's awesome!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Challenge Day 8

Place I have traveled to:

When we first chose our honeymoon, we decided we wanted to go to Hawaii. I mean, who wouldnt, its beautiful. But, alas, no condos available that week through my parents timeshare. Hmmm, so now what? We could have either gone with some exotic locale where we would have to pay for our AC or a beautiful (and AC furnished) condo in a place we would never again get the opportunity to see...Thailand. It wasnt even on our honeymoon radar, but we traveled the 21 hours to get there and enjoyed every single second of our 10 day stay!

The first few days were a sleep adjustment to say the least, but I got very used to Thai "American" television that came on at 3 am. We'll say I caught up on a lot of wrestling surprisingly :) We enjoyed the cuisine of the Italian restuarant at the resort because I have a super picky husband and after 10 days we wanted some "American" food :) The sun also got me badly and I ended up with some crazy tan lines. But even with these mishaps, we were able to take in the majestic beauty that is Phuket, Thailand. One of the most beautiful beaches in the whole world.

Thailand is the land of smiles, and the people were amazingly friendly. Everything (even in the resort) was cheap, cheap, cheap. The weather was amazing, the scenery was to die for, and we didnt miss Hawaii one bit. We got to see 2 countries, Japan and Thailand, and immerse ourselves in a culture we knew we wouldnt see again. It was a great trip and recommend it to anyone who wants an experience they wont forget.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Challenge Day 7

My favorite movies:

The acting isnt great but its one of those movies that you can watch over and over again. When I was little, I wanted to do ballet, but I was too busy with other things, so I think that has something to do with my draw to this movie.

I could watch this movie any day of the year. Its probably my favorite movie, and I can quote most of it. :)

My favorite disney movie. When I was 5 I tried to put my Sleeping Beauty on Beta in our VHS player and realized it didnt fit. I was heartbroken, like for real tears and all. I remember that day clearly to this day. My husband bought me it on DVD about 3 Christmas' ago so I could own it forever <3

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Challenge Day 6

Picture of something that makes me happy. Well, thats easy :)

See you tomorrow!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Challenge Day 5: Siblings

These are my sisters and brother. Mess with one bean and you mess with the whole burrito! :) We love each other dearly and would defend each other to the death. What a great family to be apart of!

This is my oldest sister Nikki. She is 11 years older than me, and until I was in my 20s, we never really clicked. She was my older sister and I was just not up to her maturity level. She cleaned my diapers and used to pick my brother and I up from school. She is one of my best friends nowadays and is a beautiful person inside and out. She has a beautiful little girl Makayla (above) and a handsome little man Memphis (with Keyser out in 16 years!). She is very smart and very driven, quiet and contemplative, but knows how to have fun! She is also my hairstylist (she graduates Paul Mitchell School in December!! :)

This is my sister Jen. She is my 2nd oldest sibling and is 6 1/2 years older than me. We had the same bond as my other sister until I was 18 and then we moved in together in an apartment in Lexington, Ky. From then, we because fast friends. She is super duper energetic and fun, wild and a bit crazy, and a power shopper :) She has 2 adorable children, Hayden and Bailey (that pretty girl above :)

This is Joey, my slightly older brother. Hes only 17 months older than me, because well, I was an Uh-Oh ;) To say we fought when we were growing up would be a huge understatement. We fought bad, and it usually ended in tears. Sigh...look how far we've come :) Joey is talkative, funny, and has an amazingly extensive vocabulary. He is also a nursing student, like myself, so we can vent to each other about that. Hes a home body who I think could spend 16 hours a day in bed, but he usually gets what he needs to get done...usually :)

Love my sisters and brother...they are definitely my best friends.

These are all my adorable nieces and nephews...minus Memphis.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Challenge Day 4

Meet my parents...Shannon and Larry. A Michigan girl met a Arizona boy in the Air Force at the age of 18. Dated just 3 months before my dad realized he needed to have her around forever. They will celebrate their 42nd wedding anniversary this month...the 15th (the Ides of March). They look so in love, don't they?

Oh my, what an inspiration for their children. Their love for each other has surpassed so many obstacles and bumps in the road its not even funny, but they still came out on the other side. I aspire to have a marriage like theirs...which should be easy since I married a man like my father.

One day, one of my siblings said "Wow, mom, you used to be so pretty!" My Dad responded, while sitting in his recliner watching the game, "She still is." I love them...for loving me and loving each other.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Challenge Day 3

My first love. Sigh, to be young and dumb again ;) Just kidding, sort of.

I was a bit of a late bloomer when it came to dating. I had my first boyfriend when I was 13, but he was not my first love. From then until 17, my first love was soccer. I played it all the time and really didnt have much time for much else.

That all changed when A came around, a soccer playing boy that I fastly became smitten with. He was a year younger than me, which sort of became our downfall. We dated for a year and half, mostly hanging out at home or watching him work on his car, until I went away for college. A didnt think he could do a long distance relationship, so we parted ways. I was heartbroken. My first love had broken my heart. I went away to the University of Kentucky and mended my broken heart with frat parties and girl time. Lo and behold, however, 1 month later, A called and this young foolish girl thought all was forgiven. I finished out the year at school and then transfered to the university back at home. You all have that one thing that you regret? This is mine. I mean, what young woman moves back home for her boyfriend? This one, a very naive young girl back then.

This isnt to say we didnt last. We did, for over 3 more years. We had good time, but sometimes when you meet your first love at 17, it just doesnt last. We ultimately grew apart, wanted different things, and were 2 completely different people than we were at 17. In the end, we broke up on vacation in Florida, with his parents, Face Palm. We spent all week avoiding each other while trying not to let his parents on to something. I still think they knew the first day, because I dont really think we were fooling anyone. But at that age, you are smarter than everyone, so we thought we did ;) That was 2004 (I think) and I dont think I have seen or talked to him since. Pretty sad because I really did miss his family, but oh well, I wish him nothing but the best. I think he got married last year, according to a FB friend. Hes a good guy and deserves good things.

I however met my true love about 16 months later and it was a fairy tale ever since. I have always said the reason I knew my husband was the one because our relationship is so easy...hes loves me unconditionally, and I never have to falter in that. Thats what a grown up relationship is all about, and I know that because my first love wasnt really that. Thats what I took away most from that 4 1/2 years of my life!

See you all tomorrow...Parents up next!

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