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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Passing the time...

I have to meet my DH at the license branch soon (Oh joy!) so I figured I would update this thing :)

School is kicking my rear, hardcore. I have had 3 tests in the past 3 days of class and 2 of the were anatomy. I have another test over the bones of the skull tomorrow. Craziness.

Work was ridiculous for the past couple of days and I am very thankful to say that it is slowing down for at least a week. We have had so many people in Louisville without power from our snow and ice storm that have been staying at the hotel, and most of them were wonderful, but seriously, the needy ones were horrible. I mean, hello!, you have heat, hot water, etc. here, why the heck do you need to make my life a living hell. You should be grateful, not greedy! People.

It was DH's and my birthday (probably totally wrong grammar) on last Thursday. My family all skipped town (good reasons at least ;) so MIL and FIL came by with pizza and cookie cake. I had a great birthday and DH didnt. He has been so depressed about turing 30, it kind of makes me laugh. Hes such a girl sometimes ;) I love him.

Well, on the TTC front, I am cd 8 because AF should her ass again, so I am onto cycle #4. I have pretty much said F-it and am now just going to try for a baby when I have fertile CM and hope and pray for the best. I am kind of tired of the mechanics of it all. Not giving up, but maybe not trying so hard. I am trying to lose this last 20 lbs so that has been on my mind a lot too.

Thats about it. Just crazy busy and snowed in a lot of it too. Crossing my fingers that this cycle isnt a bust :)


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