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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Monday, February 23, 2009


We have a positive! I am over the moon excited!

I started spotting on Saturday night, and after I spent a good 15 minutes crying in the bathroom at work feeling sorry for myself that AF was going to show her face, I got over myself. Well, then the spotting went away, and I still wasn't convinced but whatever. So I got woken up by Travis Sunday morning asking me if I was still going to test. I didn't want to but thought of a good idea. I decided I would pee, leave the test in the bathroom, and have Travis take a gander at it. Either way it came out, I thought I could take the news better from him.

So, I pee...and go out on the couch. Travis continues to eat his cereal, and every freaking bite I am growing more and more anxious and agitated. I asked him about 50 times if he was done yet, and finally he put his bowl up in the sink. Then he proceeds to let the dogs outside and inside!!! I was freaking at this point, almost begging him to go inside the bathroom. He laughs, and heads down the hall.

He gets inside and doesn't say a word. He tells me to stay on the couch. He calls our dogs into the office and I am kind of preparing myself for a letdown. He uses our labs to make me feel better sometimes and so I figured that's what he was doing. Eventually he calls out to me..."If Cash comes out, its positive, if Zeus comes out, its negative" Well, I knew right then and there that it was positive because Cash is crazy and if he wasn't let our first, he would have pushed himself out! :) I started to bawl and Travis runs down the hallway and tackles me and we hug for a eternity! I am going to be a mommy! Yay!

The whole day was a complete high. I didn't want to work, or do anything but lay with my husband and look at pregnant on the screen... :)

I did, however, have my first scare last night. Yep, unfortunately the party didn't last long. I started spotting bright red yesterday. Just once and then it went away. I spotted again today, and I have already contacted my doctor and I will begin to take my meds tonight. I am on Progesterone and baby aspirin. I have heard wonderful things about this combo so I hope it means good things for me. I just think its hilarious that my body needed to remind me how hard this is for us. I couldn't get just one happy day out of damn dysfunctional body had to screw it up...(sorry vent!)

Well, I am a big ball of nerves and cringe every time I go to the bathroom, but I am so super excited. It still doesn't feel real! I have my first appt on Thursday at 4w2d and even though it is really early I will get to ask all the questions I need to ask. Positive prayers and thoughts will be so very much appreciated! Thanks for the comments so far! :)


Leannabanna said...

Congratulations. Wishing you a H&H 9 months!!!! I have been checking on your Blog all weekend!!!

Molly said...

I'm so, so excited for y'all. I hate you've had the scares but am certain Progesterone is going to be your magic pill!

Enjoy this time as much as possible and rest assured that at nearly 17 weeks, I still check for spotting each time I tinkle...

Andrea said...

So So So Happy for you!!!

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