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Saturday, February 21, 2009

God really has a way...

with intervening at the right moment :)

I was just about to pee on the damn pregnancy stick that was burning a hole right through the table it was laying on, when the phone rings. Its DH. He asked me to wait until Sunday before and I had fully planned to, but you know, how could he have been mad at me for taking the test if it came out positive?! Well, I felt guilty and told him that he caught me and what I was about to do. He told me to step away from the stick and put it out of viewing sight.

Hmph...I guess I will pee on it tomorrow. : (

13dpo and going insane! My LP is normally 10-11 days and I will be so freaking disappointed if it decided to change itself this month. ::crossing every appendage I have for tomorrow!!!::


Leannabanna said...

GL tomorrow!!!

Shannon said...

Good Luck!!!

JNR said...

I just saw on GP that it was positive! Congrats BFPB!!! I'm soo happy for you!

Molly said...

Congratulations, girl! I hope the "magic pill" helps you too- I swear that's what kept us going strong.

I'm SO excited for y'all and will say an extra special prayer for you this evening.

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