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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Because thats how I roll...

Sidenote: Am I a weirdo because I couldn't for the life of me bear to put "cus" instead of because in my title? Gosh, I am my own worse grammar police ;)

So anyway, yeah I got a 90 on my last 2 anatomy tests. Who knew someone could enjoy learning about the body so much....well, this girl does. Woo Hoo! I have straight A's so far and I am stoked!

TTC front...I think I Oed, but who knows, this cycle has been a bit weird. We did our thing and now all we can do is wait.

Sad news...DH's grandpa is not doing so well. He has been in the hospital since last week and he appeared to be doing well on Saturday, but yesterday morning, I get a sobbing phone call from MIL (broke my heart!!) sayin that Pappy was probably not going to make it through the night. DH and I went up to see him last night, and we didn't go into the room because he was pretty bad off (DH wanted to remember him as the last time he saw him, hanging out in his recliner less than a week ago, happy and okay), but we heard it wouldn't be long and we wanted to be their for MIL and FIL. Well, the good news is he made it through the night, so we have one more day with him, but the bad news is he is in a lot of pain and it won't be much longer. He is 85. I haven't known his grandpa for a terribly long time, probably about 3 years, but what is so amazing to me is the marriage between Pappy and Grandma. They have been with each other through thick and thin for over 60 years. Everytime I think of Pappy, I think of Grandma, and I just start to cry. I could never imagine losing Travis, ever, and I don't want Grandma to have to go through this. I feel so horrible for everyone, and I am a crier, so I have tried to keep my composure for everyone involved.

DH told me last night that his only regret was that his grandpa would never meet our children. This made me upset because if it werent for my stupid body (sorry vent!) we would have A. had a 8 month old by now, or B. Had a newborn. DH said "Forget that Chelsey, I am just so happy he got to meet you." I love this man. He has the tendency to be pessimistic, but in a blink of a eye he will turn it around. He is amazing.

Well, anay prayers or well wishes would be amazing. I am pryaing everynight that he is peaceful and that God has a big recliner and a TV up in heaven waiting for him. I am sure he does. :)


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