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Monday, January 19, 2009

Adventures In Babysitting

All the girls...well, Hayden's head is on the bottom. Me, Myah, MacKenzie, and Bailey.

So, I babysit about 5 kids last weekend. Crazy I know. I got asked by both my sister and the girl I used to nanny for to babysit. I loved every second of it! Here are my pics of the day.

Shes so freaking cute. I love my niece. My sister is lucky. Her son is a spitting image of his dad, and she got one to look just like her :)

Background on this picture...She got her clothes terribly soaked by drinking out of a water bottle, so while I was drying her clothes, Travis put his hoodie on her. She looked like a adorable Ewok. ;) Her looks says "You people are crazy" haha

She was mad and clearly upset (drama queen!) because we put Hayden in Cash's kennel (pic below). Poor baby! :)

This is my nephew Hayden (4) He willingly goes in here. This time he didn't hence the screaming. Travis has fun with these kids. They love him!

This is my beautiful niece Bailey. Shes 2.

This is Myah (11) with Alayna (2). Bailey and Alayna are about a month apart.

My husband loves having "fun" with Hayden ;)

My new haircut. I cut off 7 inches! Don't mind the work uniform...I had to work the desk that day. Joy.

So thats about it. I Oed about 3 or 4 days ago (not charting again) so I am going to test, if I get that far, on Travis' and my birthday on January 29th. I am hoping it comes back this month with 2 lines! Hell, I would just be happy if I actually get to take a test. In all my months of TTC (16 to be exact), I have only gotten to pee on something the months I was 2! I love my "like clockwork" (ugh) cycles, but come on...give me a little hope here ;)
Take care!!


JNR said...

Sounds like ya'll had a fun day! I like the new hair cut, very cute!

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