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Saturday, January 22, 2011

New Year, New Momma

Hey all! I am making some pretty big changes this year to myself. My monster is over a year now, and its time this momma decided to take herself back. Last year, I made all kinds of excuses not to diet and take care of myself...Keyser is breastfeeding, mommy guilt, I'm tired, etc. This year, I decided to cut the crap and really do something! I am going to have all kinds of mommy guilt if I didnt get my weight in check and leave Keyser without a momma! So a light switch went off, I woke up, and feel like a brand new woman!

This blog with still have ramblings of mommyhood, but it is going to slightly veer into my weight loss journey direction. Since January 1st, I have given up soda...completely. Starting January 10th, I decided to take a huge step. I am living a very "clean" food lifestyle. This means lean meats, veggies, water (tons and tons) and nuts. No more processed junk, and more importantly very low carb and sugar intake. I have to do this, or else. I have a strong family history of diabetes, and you can see my new way of eating as a diabetic diet. Its going to work, because it has to. I want to be there to see my grandkids grow up, and I have all the willpower to do so. I want my patients in my future nursing career to take me seriously...because I am not sure they would take the "fat nurse" serious when giving them medical advice. I also want to make my husband do double takes when I walk in the room. He loves me to pieces regardless, I just want to be one hot mama!

So progress so far? Since January 10th, 11 days, I have lost 12.4 lbs. My goal is 3 lbs per week. I still have 53 lbs to lose for my first goal (hopefully by June!), and an additional 30 to lose by next fall.

I know I can do this...I have to for this little man. I love him too much not to!


Mrs. Grant said...

He is so stinking cute!! I know you can do it & way to go on loosing what you have!! Sounds like Nick and you are doing the same sort of thing but you have him beat in loosing more lbs so far ;O) he got some of our friends on it too. They all do 1 "cheat" day a week! WAY TO GO GIRL!!

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