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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Friday, January 28, 2011

15 months!

Its a bird, its a plane, its KEYSER!

Keyser and Zeus, best buds forever.

"Helping" me cook :)

28 lbs 6.5 oz.....32 1/4 inches.
He wants to grow up big and tall like his Daddy :)

~He has a touch of eczema, but not too bad. Mostly on his calves and back of his arms. Nothing a little Aveeno Baby cant fix (better fix at 8 bucks for a small tube! I kid, I kid.)

~Like to knock his big noggin on everything. Doors, TVs, and floors are his favorite. :)

~Climbs like a monkey. He is always trying to get on the table, counter, and out of his crib. Thankfully for the last one, he has only done this once!

~Loves to groove, to rap music specifically. If hes fussy in the car, all I have to do is tune the radio to rap, and hes a happy camper. Like father, like son I guess :)

~Is wearing 2T clothes and we are starting to buy 3T for summer. I mean, hes going to be in young men's by kindergarten at this pace! ;)

~Thinks hes a vegetarian. Mostly hates all meat except smoked sausage. Loves his fruits though. Hes on the fence about his veggies.

~Says a bazillion words, but only about 15 we understand. Daddy is his favorite. Momma ranks about 14 :)

We love him with all of our hearts...probably more. He is the best part of our day.

As far as I go, I have lost 14.8 lbs so far...still have 60 or so more to go. I hope it keeps falling off but I know I will stall for a bit, it has happened before. Working out 4 days a week on my Wii Active 2 game...which I need to write about...its Ah-Maz-ing! Its like having your own trainer! Anyway, I am fitting in clothes I havent fit into since before Kman was even a thought! Woo hoo! Only 5 more months until vacation!

Take care! :)


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