Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Friday, April 17, 2009 it is getting bigger! and Easter pics!

These are my adorable nieces and nephew. Makayla is 9(oldest sister's daughter), Bailey is 2 and Hayden is 4 (almost 5) (they are brother and sister). They are growing up so fast! We spent Easter weekend in Nashville, TN at my oldest sister's home, and we had a blast!

Now on to the bloat/bump!
Excuse the messy room and my pocket coming out of my jeans...I took like 20 pics until I got one I liked, and didnt feel like doing it again :)

Its like the energizer keeps growing and growing! I feel like a whale but in a good way. The bump/bloat whatever is visible at work, but I still have my secret. I think they must think I am getting fat! I am telling my boss this weekend, so wish me luck! He will be happy for me, but its still kind of nerve racking! Then, I will probably wait another week (if I can) to tell the rest of the hotel staff.

I can finally see it getting bigger and thats exciting, even if its not completely baby yet!


JNR said...

Yay for a cute bump! You look great!

Mrs. Grant said...

You look so great!! I told you my friend was preggo...well her due date is Nov 5th!!! Hope all is going well!!



jshay778 said...

You have a cute bump!!

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