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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Say hello to...

Our beautiful, developing, adorable, heart beating little baby!

My appt went great, and I would not have gotten this u/s today had I not mentioned the teensiest bit of spotting I had a few weeks ago. It was barely anything, but I like to tell the doc everything, so I told her. She told me, "Well, I was gonna try the doppler, but since insurance pays for your u/s if your have spotting, no matter how big or small, lets go see your baby!"

I was so nervous and excited! Everything has been going pretty awesome so far, but I still had a nervousness at the pit of my stomach. I get ready for the u/s ( fun! :) and I hold my breath. The tech doesnt say anything for a bit and then all of a sudden she says, "oh boy, this is a cute baby!" I started laughing and tearing up, and then when she turned on the sound to hear the heart, I lost it. I was crying and telling her how I have never made it this far before, and she was too sweet. She showed me the babies long arms (which you cannot see in the u/s) and both legs, and even little ribs! I am over the moon! She also asked me what they thought my due date was, and I told her 11-1-09 and she said "Well, this doesnt happen too often, but you are exactly right, the due date is 11-01-09!" Pays to know your cycles I guess :)

Travis didnt go with me this time, but he will be there at the 20 week appt. I go back in 1 month on May 7th, and that time we will just do the doppler. I am just so happy that this has been one uneventful pregnancy, and I just hope it stays that way!

YAY!! (sorry, I am just way tooo excited!)



Andrea said...

It's your blog, you be as excited as you want to be!!!! :) You deserve it!!

Silvina said...

YAY I'm SO happy for you!!! I know the feeling that you had today. I had some spotting too at the beginning, very very small but it was there and to see the heartbeat for the first time, I cried too. It's such a great feeling when you go beyond the fartherst point you have ever been pregnant. Lucky 3 is your lucky one just like mine. GL hun!!!

Kismet21 said...

Yay! I am so happy for you! It is a cute baby!

Leannabanna said...

Congratutlaions. I am so happy for you! :)

Molly said...

I'm super dooper excited for you too!

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