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Monday, December 8, 2008

Trying not to dwell on it too much...

So my period arrived right on time. "She" always decides to arrive around 10 or so on 11dpo...waiting just long enough for me to hope she isn't coming (bitch) but long enough that I feel comfortable marking 12dpo as cd 1 to make my luteal phase longer (okay, thats good I guess)

Anyway, I am not too too concerned as this is only my first cycle. I was kinda hoping my 40 lb weight loss would give me a leg up, but I am fully aware that there is still only a 20% chance regardless, so even though I was disappointment (naturally), I am ready to get on with it.

This next cycle though, I am thinking about taking a temping break. This past 2ww has been pretty nice without waking up every morning to take my temp so I think I might continue the trend. I have charted for 11 long cycles, so I think that I have gotten the hang of my O days and the such. I am not even going to back it up or anything with OPKs because I am a rebel like that ;) I am going back to back to my first cycle ever where I only tried on a hope and a prayer. God blessed us then, here's to hoping he will do the same this time. If not, it looks like in January, we will be testing on our birthday (should be anywhere from 11-13dpo) so thats fun. (Travis and I have the exact same birthday, just he is 4 years earlier...pretty cool huh!?)

Ahhh so Christmas is in the air. I love this time of year! This past weekend we had our "kids until we have kids" over(the twins I nannied for 5 years) :) and we gave them their Christmas presents. Now that they are 11, they are too "cool" for toys and both want laptops and digital cameras (which they got for their birthday! Spoiled!) So since we arent going to buy them a laptop (hehe), we went the clothes route, because if its one thing these girls love...its clothes (awww just like their "momma" Chelsey ;) We got them these long tunic/dress things and some leggings that were more like tights. They ran off to try them on. We also got them t-shirts that were pretty cool, so when they went to go try those on, Myah (the more shy one) brought along her jeans to put it on with. MacKenzie (we'll call her the exhibitionist ;) come prancing out in her new shirt and the leggings. I took a double take and never laughed so hard in my life when I saw her acting like there was nothing weird about coming out into the living room with tight leggings and a cute top on. I told her she should totally where them to school like that, and DH could not stop laughing. It was a fun moment! This prompted me to race her around the house to snap a shot of it. I will post it later, but I will tell you...this shot made me almost pee my pants. Travis said we were going to put it on myspace...that alone made her mortified (p.s. we wont do that ;)

So all in all, a good weekend. Some drama, but that is to be expected in my life. Why is it that since I have none of my own, people want to bring it to me. I don't get it. Hey, at least I can be the calm listening ear, and then hang up and go back to my wonderful husband and my cute little life. I told Travis last night how much I love my little family (us and our dogs) and how happy I am. He hugged me tight and told me "me too love" I love him.


Shannon said...

Im sorry AF came, blah. I think it would be nice to take a charting break now, especially around the holidays. Either way, I hope you end up with a birthday BFP :)

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