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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas time!!

I am like a kid on Christmas...literally! I cannot sleep, hence the 1:30 am blog post while both my doggies and my husband are sleeping in the other room. I am so excited for Christmas! I am the type of girl that gets so happy for get-togethers and parties and the such. I love entertaining, and hosting is even more fun! I just love Christmas in general so I guess thats why. I also love Christmas because Travis gets the best gifts. Seriously, he puts a lot of thought into his gifts.

For example:

First Christmas together: I got a hand made pop-up book chronicaling our 186 days together :) And he also made me a "Boy meets Girl" DVD with pictures and music perfectly timed.

2nd Christmas: A framed poster of my favorite picture "The Sailor and the Nurse". You know the one kissing in Times Square... LOVED IT!!!

3rd: A Novel with our names in it as the main cute. It even had little inside jokes printed Travis loves Pizza Rolls, and in the novel, his nickname was Pizza Roll King! lol

4th: I got the DVD of Sleeping Beauty and a statue of Sleeping Beauty to put in our nursery for a girl. See the story is, I loved loved Sleeping Beauty as a little girl and I had it on Beta (remember that?!) I was so upset (like crying upset) when I was 5 and found out my Beta wouldn't fit in my VCR player. DH remembered and bought it for me so I would always have it :)

Okay so this Christmas I have no idea what I am getting and I am so excited about it! I cannot wait to open what sweet and thoughtful gift he got me this year!

Another thing I have no clue of... When I Oed! And its fun! I mean who would have thought that I would be okay with not being in control of my cycle?! I usually freak out about now, being that I am sure I am in the 2ww...but you know what...I am not so sure. And thats okay! I think that if this cycle is a bust I will not temp next cycle either and just play it by ear. Wierd thing though. You know when people say that they "just knew" they were pregnant? I hate to even say this because it sounds kind of absurd, but after we "did it" (sorry the 13 year old in me came out ;) on cd 14, I kinda got this chills and tingly, and just smiled. I felt this before and I turned out to be pregnant. Now I am not holding my breath (I might just pass out) but my sister felt this way both times too so I am anxiously waiting for January 2nd or 3rd when I "believe" AF will be due. I would love all the prayers and good vibes you may have, and believe me...the favor will be reciprocated!!! :)

Merry Christmas!


Mrs. Grant said...

Merry Christmas! I cannot wait to hear what you got this year!! I well be sending up losts of prayers! XOXO

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