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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Thursday, October 2, 2008

You say its your birthday...

My mom and g-ma's birthdays are within a week of each other so we had a fun day on my parent's farm. As always, I took way too many pics of the kiddos, but they are so stinking cute, how could I not?! : )

Last Saturday we scoured the halloween shops, goodwill, and the internet to find fun costumes for M & M. Myah couldn't find anything she wanted to be!! Kenzie on the other hand, was so fun...She is going to be a Rubiks Cube!!! We made her costume on Saturday (they helped me) and I think it turned out so cute! They are turning 11 soon so I explained that now is the time to be something fun, and not your normal pirate or princess. Myah is a snot though ; )...she said she still wants to be a pirate. Oh well, you will some and lose some!

I talk about the twins sometimes so I thought I should explain. My sister and their mom used to be best friends. I started to nanny for her when they just turned 5. I continued to nanny for them until they were 10. I love these girls. I raised them mostly. Their mom is a good mom, but she is never home. She is a single mom and would work from 9 to 9 almost everyday as a car sales manager. I bought her kids clothes, made the dinner every night, baths every night, homework everyday, etc. They called me mommy Chelsey. When I moved away(about 30 minutes) I couldn't watch them anymore. It was too long of a commute with traffic, but I promised we would keep in touch. Travis and I love those girls more than anything. They are basically our "kids", until we have our own. And even when we have our own, I will still continue to see them twice a month, and then eventually, they will babysit! At least thats the plan. Pretty soon I think they will think we aren't so cool :( lol

Anyway, not much going on. First graders are fun but exhausting, and surprisingly, the hotel is even more exhausting than first graders! I cannot wait until I just get to only aide and drop the hotel. They are really starting to drive me crazy!'

Oh yeah...another 10 lbs lost! 35 lbs total and only 25 more to go until we can TTC again! Yay!


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