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Friday, October 31, 2008

What a Friday night...

So I have had the gamet of killer colds this week. Monday I felt like death, but surprisingly the next day I was okay. Wednesday I had the stomach flu...I will spare you the details, but it was not pretty. And yesterday I got a sinus infection and with my horrendous asthma, it has equaled not being able to breathe pure hell. I went to the doctor today and got not one, not two, but 5 freaking prescriptions! So, I was getting ready to settle in my sweats and relax while the medicine does its job and I wait for my show to come on. I then see that my DVR is set to record NCIS. Um no, its supposed to be the Ex List. I thought this show was so cute! I actually look forward to quiet nights on Fridays to watch TV (Travis is at school) but no, NBC cancelled it and replaced it with reruns...they suck!

Now I am typing on the computer bitching about how bad my Friday has sucked so far instead of vegging out by the TV with a warm blanket and a show that made me smile. This sucks. I guess I am off to take some cough medicine with codeine (exactly what I need...I am a grump pants) and watch some What Not to Wear that was DVRing. I hope everone else is having a better Halloween! : (

BTW, I had trick or treaters last night (?) My little town decided to split up "neighborhood trick or treating" on different nights, which means we went last night. Its a little odd, but it was cute when the fire truck stopped in front of my house and was passing out candy. The kids were adorable...except the 14 year old douchebags that literally dug their hands into MY candy bowl...Thank you very much! I was <----> this close to calling after them asking where their mom was...but I remembered I am not that old ;)

Scaredy cat me is off to watch my other show (boo) while flipping back and forth to Ghosthunters, hoping not to catch too scary parts ;)


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