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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sorry honey, I'm cheating on you ;)

I am in love! My parents used this machine more as a coat rack than a piece of awesome exercise equipment so Travis and I decided to take it off their hands (with their blessings of course!)

We brought it home a little over a week ago and I have tried to be on it every night since! It is so fun to do, but I feel like I am actually working out, ya know? It will hopefully help shed those last 35 lbs with ease...

With that being said, I have now lost another inch and a half from my waist, which brings my grand total inches lost to 8 1/2 and 25 lbs! I was so excited when I looked at the measuring tape the other day. I couldn't believe my eyes!

We are just this much closer to my TTC goal of 60 lbs! Once I hit that mark, Travis and I will be free to TTC. BTW, this is not something my doctors told us to do, but something we both agreed would make a future pregnancy easier on my body. Lets hope!


Lindsay said...

WOW! 8 1/2 and 25 lbs is a great accomplishment! You should be really proad of yourself!! Stick with in and I know you can get to your 60lbs goal! ~LTF525

Grant Newlyweds said...

WOW! That is great! I need to jump on board & join you!

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