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Monday, August 25, 2008

Its a WRAP--up ;)

I'm a dork. Yes, I admit it :)


It has to be said that I love my job. I love the people I work with. I love my guests. I even love the lady that took my housekeeping manager position (because even though she has a ton more experience, I now know I would have never cut it back there!).

The "kiddos" I work with (ages 19-21) are awesome and we have fun when we work. I am around these guys more than my own family mostly because a "hotel never closes" and we have become close. This part is not so much a wrap up, but oh well. :)


My adorable husband is shingle free!!! He is feeling so much better and I couldn't be happier. People who say that marriage gets better year after year really knew what they were talking about. I love him more than I did when I married him ( and I loved him a LOT then! :) He just gets funnier, sweeter, and more amazing...okay cheesy moment over.

Body Transformation:

I have lost 20 pounds!!! And about 6 inches from my waist...HOLY HELL! I fit into a size smaller (sometimes 2 sizes smaller, depends on the brand!) and I feel a ton better. Travis is even noticing and he is not one to take notice on this sort of stuff. He joked the other day that "he thought I was hot before, but damn, I better stop or I am not going to be let out of the house!" haha. Hes a dork too ;)

I can officially run a mile too! I have worked hard towards this and I can last at a jog for 1 mile. I used to run about 6 miles a days for soccer, but had not done that in a long time, so this is a big accomplishment!

Travis is also going to get my parents BRAND NEW elliptical machine from their house because my mom uses it as a clothes hanger more than anything and they are never home anyway (travel a ton!). This is like a $2000 piece of equipment...YAY! Its going in the "nursery" until we have a good "excuse" to move it out. :)


I went to my 4 year old nephew's first t ball game last Wednesday. He is VERY good at hitting the ball! They throw it to them 3 times first, and then they get to hit it off the tee until they hit it. My nephew doesn't even need the tee! I am super proud of him. Buuuttt....I have to laugh when I type this, but he is so stinking funny in the outfield. He either sits down and picks grass, turns the other way from the ball, or walks off the field to his mommy. I was cracking up! My sister just made his turn back around and his coach held his shirt most of the time so he wouldn't sit down :) Hes only 4, and we are pretty sure hes just bored out there.

In other family news, pretty much my whole stinking family is going to Holiday World this next weekend! YAY! Holiday World is a amusment park to those who don't know, and I've never been there, but hear its a lot of fun. My sister and my niece Makayla (9) are coming in from Nashville, my other sister and BIL with Bailey (20 months) and Hayden (4) are coming, and the twins I used to nanny for ( we love them like our own) and me and Travis. Thats a lot of people to keep track of but it will be tons of fun!

Okay...long post, but I felt the need to wrap up for my own sake...told you I was a dork ;)

BTW...the kids above are the ones we are going loves of my life!


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