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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Exciting news and exciting deals!

First, the exciting news!
My big sister, Nikki, is having her baby boy, Memphis, today via c-section. We are all so excited to welcome her little man into our family and I cannot wait to meet my new nephew. This also works to curb my baby fever for at least another year, which is good, because the hubs and I have decided not to have another one until I am out of nursing school which is, at the least, 20 months away. I have to finish, but I have been itching for another one :)

On to exciting deals! I recently had my 2nd huge consignment sale experience, and it did not disappoint! I got 4 jeans (all Gap, or Gymboree), 1 fleece "outfit" from Old Navy, another Old Navy fleece half zip, a pair of brand new tennis shoes ($2!!), 4 pairs of jammies, and 6 shirts (also all Old Navy, Gap, or Children's Place) for the grand total of.....$47 buckeroos! Thats 18 freaking BRAND NAME items for dirt cheap! I am going back on next Wednesday to another KidStuff Sale to get some 24 month stuff, because my kid is a beast, and I know 18 months won't last all winter, especially since he is already in 18 months!

Here's my loot...and some other pics thrown in :)

This was just too sweet not to share, but my husband is going to kill me. I'll take that risk :) HUSBAND NOTE: I "broke into" your blog and edited this only because you told me you'd never display it. Love you.

We love hoodie season...too bad it was just 2 days worth!

Love baby jeans!

We also love us some jammies!


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