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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

5 months!

Well 5 long months have passed, our Keyser Boy, and we love you more than we ever thought possible. I heard a quote the other day about "before you were here a minute, I would die for you" and I thought about this in the car yesterday on my way to work. I would absolutely die for you...thats crazy how intense a parent's love for their child is. You mean the world to us, probably more than you will ever realize, that is, until you have your own babies. This love for you will span the terrible twos, the rebellious teenage years, the independent 20 something years, and long after you have grown up, flown the nest, and started a family of your own. Mommy and Daddy's love for you will never falter, even in the worst of times. I just want you to know this...

Well at 5 months, our Keyser Boy can:

~Roll over to his belly and back

~Wants so badly to sit up and can while propped with the boppy. He does "baby crunches" if you hold his legs, and completely pulls himself up!

~Still doesn't sleep through the night! (mommy really wishes he would!)

~Has had his first vegetable, peas, and hated every minute of it. We will try carrots tomorrow!

~Still has a love affair with his feet!

~Is working on his first 2 teeth, the bottom ones, and *hopefully* they will break through soon. They are so close the top of his gums are white!

~"Talks" a lot, and sometimes he puts himself to sleep by talking...its adorable.

~Finally, and pretty importantly, he sleeps in his crib!!! Without his swaddle (!!) and positioner (!!!) Yay!! I think this was more of a mommy hurdle and not so much him. I had a niece that died from SIDS so I am a bit of a freak about this, but we went to the crib and all other stuff cold turkey and it was a smooth process. I think we both were ready!

Now on to pictures!

First taste of peas...mid-shudder :) He gagged, shuddered, and oozed peas. I'd call it a semi-success!

Cool Guy

Mommy and Daddy like to dress me up and take funny pictures. Are these guys really my parents? At least I'm cute while doing it ;)

He loves, loves, loves to stand so we thought we'd let him. Don't worry, he was completely supervised!


Mrs. Grant said...

He is too cute!! i love your posts about your sweet little guy!!

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