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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Three Months (and one day!)

I got this bear at the hospital after my 2nd D&C. Its from the "Empty Arms" campaign. I told Travis I would sleep with this bear until I had a baby in my arms, and I did just that. I slept with this bear during TTC, pregnancy, and then when Keyser was born, it was his. It has seen a lot of miles, but has a sort of comfort about it. I am so glad I could do this to show him how much he was wanted.

Who doesnt love this face! So adorable and pitful at the same time :)

Well my boy is 3 months old!! He is amazing me everyday. As far as milestones, he can roll from belly to back (mostly to get out of the dreaded tummy time), he can giggle, smiles all the time, he watches Dora and loves it (yep I let him watch TV, only in about 10 minute increments...sue me!), he drools like its his job and I think he is teething (which may last many many months!), he can pull himself to a sitting position when he holds our hands, and he does baby crunches a lot when he is in his swing (looks like we need to make sure he is strapped in!). I think he will be trying to crawl soon, well maybe like 2 or 3 months from now, because he is always trying to push off with his feet, whether he is on his tummy or trying to stand up.

I cannot believe he is 3 months...time flies when you are having fun, and oh boy, we have lots of fun! Mommy and Daddy love you so much Keyser boy!


Christine said...

such cute pictures!

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