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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Sunday, October 25, 2009

So in 15 minutes, it will be tomorrow, and then...

It (may) be my son's birthday! Yep, you heard correctly...I am getting induced tomorrow, October 26th! I will call at 5 am to see if they have a bed avaliable, and if they do, its show time :) They want to induce me since they think the baby will be too big by or after his due date and dont want to risk laboring with a big baby and a small pelvis... wasnt sure at first, but doc seems to think its a good idea, and I would like to keep myself from having a c-section. I still may need one, but I'd like to give myself a shot at a vaginal birth. Eek! I am so ready to meet the little boy we have been trying, hoping and praying for over 2 years for!

With last survey, and I will post my last belly pic I take tomorrow sometime this week...although Keyser's pics will be the most important now :)

How far along? 39 weeks exactly

Total weight gain/loss: 36 lbs...and anything else now doesnt count :)

Maternity clothes? always

Stretch marks? I have new ones, courtesy of Mr. Keyser Maddox when he dropped at 36 weeks

Sleep: well, who thinks I can sleep tonight?! haha not me!

Best moment this week: the anticipation to meet him and my last day of work today for 9 weeks!

Movement: painful! Hes so cramped...

Food cravings: donuts! burritos! Pizza!

Gender: BOY! Handsome and adorable!

Labor Signs: yes. O have BH and real contrax a lot!

Belly Button: still in and a lot flat, but it wont ever pop out

What I miss: nothing...I am so excited!

What I am looking forward to: Having this handsome boy in my arms!

Weekly Wisdom: Enjoy time with your DH or SO. Oh an sleep! I know I wont be getting much soon!

Milestones: Induction set...lets go!


Leannabanna said...

Good luck tomorrow!!!! I will be awaiting your first baby post!!

Kismet21 said...

Oh my gosh. I just read this and you may already be a mom! How exciting!

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