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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Friday, June 12, 2009

sweet babies

This is my oh so sweet nephew Hayden and niece Bailey. They make my heart smile!

Bailey is 2 1/2 and getting such a personality. When you say cheese she throws he arms to the side and makes her huge grin. Then she immediately wants to see what the picture looks like and laughs and laughs. She is such a ham! When you ask to take a pic with you she will wrap her arm around you and squeeze you in close. My sister says she is the queen of all things girly! Seriously, you don't give this girl toys, you get her shoes and purses. We are in trouble...

Hayden is growing up too fast and I cannot believe he is starting kindergaten this fall! I asked him what he wanted the baby to be, and he said boy because he will get to play with him. I asked him if he would play with the baby if its a girl, and he flat out said no. He told me Bailey could though. At least he's considerate :)

Thats all, I'll stop bragging now :) Only 3 more days and we are soooo excited!!


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