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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

reason #8634 I love my husband

He is really the best. No lie. He is scared out of his gourd regarding this pregnancy, he really cannot wait until I am 14 weeks already...he said he "might" be able to breathe a little easier then. I hope so!

Travis told me last night that I am not allowed to do any housework. Just dishes and dinner (since he has no idea how to cook) and that's it! He told me that since the house is too much of a wreck for my taste, that tomorrow night, he will clean the whole house while I tell him what to do. Hes so funny and cute. Poor guy is a neat freak, but not the best "house cleaner" He gets lost when I tell him h ow to vacuum and is really too cute. That's what I get for marrying a genius when it comes to books, just not the most handy guy. Its okay...I knew and loved that going into it. He (apparently my doctor :) has put me on bed rest while at home. I cant wait to tell the doc this...I bet she will laugh. Anyway, heres to at least another 9 weeks of being a lazy bum and not lifting a finger....ahh I think I may like this break! :P


Molly said...

Travis is too cute. Think he could have a sit-down with Mark?!? lol

Enjoy the rest!

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