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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The day is finally here!

Okay first off, I saw this pic of my crazy DH and literally LOL. He looks crazy and my poor doggy looks so scared. Thanks for the laugh love (he did this while I was at work....dork!)
Well, okay so its probably going to be tomorrow, but whatever ;)

We are now, officially, really, trying to have a baby again!! Woot!

Can I start by saying how incredibly freaked out I am. I mean, unfortunately I am not in a situation where I think that my miscarriages were flukes. There is really something wrong with my uterus that just doesn't like a baby. Its selfish like that. (okay so not something for me to be joking about I know ;) But, surprisingly enough, I am so optimistic! My OB is AMAZING, so that helps and she has a "gameplan" so whenever I get my +test, she told me to call her, day or night, and we would start up on my meds to help this baby stick around for, oh, about 40 weeks, give or take a few :)

I am worried about telling people too when we get pregnant again. I mean, I am not looking for a balloon bouquet or a marching band, but I am kind of worried that we will get the "oh are you nervous" responses instead of the "I am so happy for you" ones. But I will take that all in stride, and like my husband says, I think too much and worry, so until I can actually make that announcement I will push that thought from my mind.

Anyway, I am rambling, but I am so happy and excited! I mean, this is what I worked for! I lost 40 lbs for this day to come! Yay!

Oh and another thing. The last cycle I got pregnant, I started a mantra. That may sound wierd, but every morning, I looked into the bathroom mirror and said "This is going to be my month". Yeah, and it was. So even though that could have been a stroke of luck, and I may end up saying F mantras by the next cycle, that is my game plan this month...oh and no temping during the 2ww. Believing in postitive thoughts and not stressing myself out has worked before, lets hope it can work again!!


Grant Newlyweds said...

Good luck! Sounds like your OB is great! Is she in Louisville? I need one maybe you can email me her info


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