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Friday, June 27, 2008

So...yeah its time for a change.

So the first pic is what I used to look like after losing 110 lbs. I want this back. It took me nearly a year and about 2 hours of workouts everyday, but I did it.

The now. I don't like the now.

I asked my DH if it would be okay to join a gym tonight. He is a stickler for money and with the gas prices and raising costs in general, I was skeptical he would be okay with it. I mean, a extra $50 a month when money is tight is hard. But, I love him so much for this, he surprised me and told me that if it would make me happy...we could do that. He even said he would go with me! I am completely floored by that...he is not the athletic type! So, next week is gym shopping week.

My goal is to lose at least 30 lbs in 3 months. I need to get it off before starting to TTC again. I think it will make it easier next time on my body in general, to not only get pregnant, but to be healthy while pregnant. I am at such a risk right now for Gestational Diabetes (my sister had it, and my dad is insulin dependent). It helps and motivates that my doctor wants me to lose some weight as well, for me. I just have to get a kick in the ass every once and a while to get it done. Seeing these pictures side by side gives me that kick.

I did it before...I will do it again :)


Molly&Charles said...

I think you've proven that you can do it! 110 pounds in one year is incredible. I'm glad your husband is so supportive!

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