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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Monday, May 12, 2008

I have the best, most creative, cutest hubby in the world!!!

So yesterday was mother's day. If you read my post below, I was pretty bummed. I went home early from work because I was feeling pretty sick, and I decided to go straight to my moms. Seeing my family helped ease my mind about the whole thing, but my mom kept bringing up my miscarriage! She meant well, but it still stung a bit. She was just telling me how proud she was that Travis and I want to make a stable loving home before we bring a baby into it, and how I was definitely a mom and she thinks I am going to make a great one. Then she gave me a mother's day gift...which I did not expect...a gift card for wal-mart for $50! Woo hoo!

On another note...Travis knew I was feeling down so he told me that he and the boys (our doggies) made me a present but I had to search for it. He told me they "discussed" that they wanted me to be surprised. I was tired and got home late, so I kinda forgot about it, but when I was going to bed, thats when I saw it on my nightstand. This is what I saw... (above)! He wrote them to make it look like the doggies did it and then he told me he took the dog's paw and the pen to make their "signature" and the hearts. I love this man! He is so creative and sooooo funny! I think I lost about 20 lbs from all the laughing and crying I did! I love him and our "boys"!!!


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