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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

This will be my cycle...

I am a believer of positive thinking. I believe in mantras. That may sound weird, but at this point I am up for anything. So here goes.....

Every morning I wake up, brush my teeth, and then smile into the mirror and say these words...
"This is going to be my month"

Sounds simple, and not quite effective in the long run, eh?

I just have this idea that if I am positive about this whole thing, and not count myself out even before I ovulate, I can have a better shot. My body will love me more than being my normal worrying wanda self, and my mind will be clearer and more at ease.

Do I worry that I am preparing myself for a horrible letdown? Sometimes. Is it enough to make me stop telling myself this everyday? No way.

This is seriously the most hope I have had since cycle one post m/c. I'll take hope anywhere I can get it these days :)

This will be my cycle...


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