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Saturday, September 4, 2010

10 months!

Time just flies when you are so busy! This is not a good thing for a momma who has precious time to spend with her baby who is trying to become a toddler on her :( Between crazy work schedules and school 2 nights a week, I feel like I barely get time with my boys at home. I do take full advantage of the time I get on my days off though, and I am not sure I get off the floor with my boy until I go back to work! He is just too much fun to be spending all this time away from him! I just have to remind myself that its making momma a better person in the end, with school and all, so it kind of helps me along.

Okay enough for my pity party (table for one, please!) :) My Boy is 10 MONTHS!! When the heck did that happen?!?! He is EVERYWHERE! I have been slowing replacing his nicknames that we usually call him with Monster, because well, thats what he is! But the good kind, you know, I'd hate to scar my kid :) He is into everything! We can barely keep up! He also is more of a cuddler now, which is odd, but I'm not complaining! He has always been too curious to just cuddle, but now he lays his head on my shoulder and wants to give hugs. This just makes my day :)

At 10 months, Keyser Boy:

~ WALKS! Not just a few steps, but all around the house. He only crawls if he falls down, and then he is just crawling to the closest place to help himself back up! We are working on him being able to get up on his own.

~ Sleeps like a champ, thank goodness! He consistently sleeps about 11 1/2 to 12 hours every night. 7:30pm to 7:30 am

~ Can say Dad, DaDa, Dog, Bat (this is new from last night!), Hi, and what sounds like Yeah. Still no Momma or even just mom. Whenever I ask he says Dad. Stinker.

~ We play a game called "I'm gonna get you". Funny thing is, we are coming to get him, and hes sticking his arms out acting like he is going to get us! We collide into a fit of giggles :)

~ Thanks to table food, his poops have become Hey, I want to record EVERYTHING right? :)

~ Speaking of food, there isn't anything this kid won't eat. That include specks of stuff on the floor and the dog food ;) This really has only happened once, I promise! His homemade favorites are PIZZA! (well, this isn't homemade), carrots, broccoli, chicken quesadillas, corn, cheeseburgers, and spaghetti. Hes not too fond of cheese (this kid must not be mine! :) and green beans.

~ Travis asks him to be a "Tough Guy" and he growls. Its freaking adorable.

~ Hes really good at our "question game". I ask him where something is and he looks at it or goes and gets it. He surprises me a lot with what he knows!

~ Keyser is just as sweet as can be and is really start to have a little personality. He is becoming a bit of a Daddy's boy, but I guess I'll allow him that...he spent most of his life as a Momma's Boy. I know he'll cross back over to the good side soon enough :) (Just kidding my Love!)

We love you Keyser Boy! You are the light that fills our whole life! Thanks for keeping us on our toes...with you so active, momma has lost 5 lbs! I appreciate it! :)

Tuckered out at Aunt Nikki's Baby Shower!

Kickin' it Pre-School

I'm in the Double Digits!

Pizza night is a good night in our home! Daddy is usually just as happy :)


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