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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Sunday, November 8, 2009

where does the time go?!

My baby boy is now almost 2 weeks old?! Where, oh where, is the time going?

Just a quick update with pictures! I have had a heck of a recovery time, with my c-section! I had a small portion of my incision open up which led to a blood clot beneath. Then, that led to the doctor opening up my incision, making about a 3 inch opening in my stomach, and was not able to close it up just in case another blood clot decided to make a appearance. Soooo....My awesome husband has had to "pack" my opening every morning and every night with gauze and tape it up. Let me tell you how awesome that feels (note sarcasm!) Honey, you should have been a doctor :) Also, I have had daily visits from my mom to help with things around the house and to cook for us. I feel helpless, but have had some great time bonding with Keyser all day long :) I go tomorrow to the doctor with big hopes that she will see that its good enough to stitch back up! I just want to feel normal again, and actually enjoy my maternity leave!

Well, on to the adorableness that is our son :)

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