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Friday, July 3, 2009

A late 22 weeks!

How far along? 22 w 5 d

Total weight gain/loss: I had a OB appt yesterday and I am officially up 12 lbs

Maternity clothes? pretty much every article of clothing

Stretch marks? nothing major and wasn't there before

Sleep: I have been getting so good decent stretches of sleep, especially when I am worn out

Best moment this week: Seeing our son again on the u/s. We saw him yesterday to measure his spine

Movement: Everyday and it seems like all day! He is especially a afternoon kind of guy.

Food cravings: pasta, mexican and any meat or cheese

Gender: BOY! Handsome and adorable!

Labor Signs: I sure hope not anytime soon!

Belly Button: still in

What I miss: nothing. I am really enjoying this part of pregnancy!

What I am looking forward to: A friend of mine is having a baby shower next weekend so that will be fun. We got a cool present so I hope she likes it!

Weekly Wisdom: TMI warning!! : Dont "push" to hard when going to the bathroom. This sorta mimics labor and my weak cervix thinks it means I should spot. Ugh, I have learned my lesson after a good cry or two and a talk with the doc!

Milestones: less than 4 months to go!! We are so anxious!!

I brought my MIL with me to see my u/s yesterday because she is probably the best grandma to be in the world (she is VERY excited to meet this little guy!) and she has also never seen a u/s before. We get there and get called back by my favorite u/s tech ever and get in the room. And then... The most "business" u/s tech ever walks in and I feel so bad for my MIL. This lady was not rude, just fast and all business. She looked for the spine first which is definitely why we were there, then she showed us the baby for about 1 minute and printed out the worst pictures and said, "Okay you can wipe yourself off now" and left. I felt so bad for my MIL because she took off work in hopes to get to see her grandson and I felt she got a little slighted. Its okay, she did get to see his heart a beating, and his little face so she was still excited!

Then we ate Mexican (yum!) and shopped for the baby shower present. We of course couldnt make a shopping trip incomplete, so my little man got a bag full of goodies too! He is so darn spoiled! She also bought his his pack and play with the built in bassinet and I am so excited for it! I posted the link because I am picture illiterate...its such cute monkeys! Hope everyone has a great 4th of July weekend!


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Glad everything is going so well!

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